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... On Earth as it is in Heaven ...

By Sandra Gusella

Video: "Planet Earth" edited by The Secret.
Music by Jo Blakenburg
People of the world… a new light reveals itself on the Earth. The golden rays of a new consciousness appear in the horizon of mankind. This dawn brings peace and hope and the true possibility to manifest the dreams of a fairer and more balanced world, more harmonic and beautiful. The light of an integral, wise and conscious spirit embodies now over the face of this planet. It is the radiance of a new era that already begins to warm the cold grounds of a so dark and icy night. In this time of great global changes and in the middle of the confusion and turbulence, a whole cycle of darkness slowly reaches to its end and the humanity shakes and awake...

We all are going to join together when the sun rises at this historic and unique time. Every country, every race, every culture and community of the world will finally interweave our souls in a joint embrace. We eventually will recognise our common essence that makes us all brothers and citizens of this rich earth that is our dwelling. And in the light of this consciousness we are going to honour and respect this great being that like a mother nourishes and harbours us. We are not going to tear anymore her wounded skin; and with love, like sons of the Earth, we're going to take care of this refuge that is our only Home. Thus our pretty garden of light and life will make green again.

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