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... On Earth as it is in Heavens ...

By Sandra Gusella

People of the world… a new light reveals itself on the Earth. The golden rays of a new consciousness appear in the horizon of mankind. This dawn brings peace and hope and the true possibility to manifest the dreams of a fairer and more balanced world, more harmonic and beautiful. The light of an integral, wise and conscious spirit embodies now over the face of this planet. It is the radiance of a new era that already begins to warm the cold grounds of a so dark and icy night. In this time of great global changes and in the middle of the confusion and turbulence, a whole cycle of darkness slowly reaches to its end and the humanity shakes and awake...

We all are going to join together when the sun rises at this historic and unique time. Every country, every race, every culture and community of the world will finally interweave our souls in a joint embrace. We eventually will recognise our common essence that makes us all brothers and citizens of this rich earth that is our dwelling. And in the light of this consciousness we are going to honour and respect this great being that like a mother nourishes and harbours us. We are not going to tear anymore her wounded skin; and with love, like sons of the Earth, we're going to take care of this refuge that is our only Home. Thus our pretty garden of light and life will make green again.

We need this global union, with likeness of purpose and consciousness, for taking away to mankind this old and wore out skin. Then we will move forward, firm and determined, towards the end of the wars, the peace in the world and the union of men and nations under the impulse of this divine light. And it's going to be now, in this glorious gathering of the human souls, when the values and the richness of every nation will unite in order to create together a new enriched work. From the crucible that joins the essence of all nations will emerge new cultural and social hues in a frame of justice, beauty and equity.

Let us allow that this dawn wakes up us from this long dream of darkness, division, banality and ignorance. Let us recognize and feel our own energy that gives life to us and joins all us as a single being next to the Earth and the Cosmos; and let us elevate now towards this new spiritual level of consciousness, an inner and collective sacred space where an air of peace cradles us and where love supports and blesses us.

From here the horizons expand towards the vision of a scene that is majestic and universal. We are going to bring the paradise to the Earth and also we will turn the eyes to the sky. We are not alone in the universe and in the times that come we open the heart and extend our arms to the life that dwells in the Cosmos and in other levels of reality, something that barely can be seen by the eyes of the old consciousness. Slowly but firm the mankind awakes to the incommensurable and the sublime. As the first time in history we witness the birth of the Heart of the Man in oneness and in communion with the Spirit of the Universe.

The little crystalline bubble of this dream is growing and it will be huge. It will be nurtured by every one of you, brothers of the world, whose own light plenty of talents and spiritual gifts is there waiting to be discovered and released. Someday it will wrap the whole Earth, and on its way is already opening the channels from where the highest and simple of the human nature flow: love, joy, fraternity, compassion, respect, tolerance, solidarity and compromise. Thus it helps to tune the mind and the heart of men and women with these frequencies of light that are the foundations that like individuals and community we need to rebuilt a new nice and sound family.

Together we will remove the rubble and we will make of this planet a dignified and friendly refuge for each being that breathes. We will plant the seeds and we will water the earth so that the garden blooms in this spring of the human spirit. Together we will get it. Every little contribution is essential and valuable. The Earth and the Humanity need the flame of your hearts to rebirth from the ashes of violence and alienation of all times.

We will let it go and release the mental, emotional and social ties that condition and limit us. We will be free. We are going to give way to our light of the spirit. We will understand the essence of life and we will unfold the potentials that it encloses as we reveal the amazing magic of this alive universe.

In this way we transform us and we create the bases of a new worldwide stage. A new paradigm of consciousness where the light of truth and wisdom prevail; where the key is to love others and ourselves, to honor and to celebrate life; where we manifest the beauty in all its forms and hues; where our voices sing together and our hands are held; where love is unconditional and the spirit of men is integral, willing and compassionate.

The transformation doesn't wait, it is already happening; these new spiritual colors are already dyeing and reshaping from deep inside every area of society; politics, education, health, arts and science are showing new edges and rebuild themselves from the common bases of a new consciousness. From the great Source the light flows safe, and in the womb of the humanity the sacred veins that nurture and give life to us multiply.

For this grandiose work we don't need a savior, we need the men, women and children of the Earth. The soul of mankind just waits that each member of its family from every place of this planet adds its energy and takes the responsibility to create this Home. Each one has a place to occupy in this great mission that waits for us. The work is hard and challenging, but over the other edge the light shines and beyond the bridge there are many hands stretched out.

In this universal frame, "Humanity Light" will be a source of inspiration, love and knowing to those ones that feel the inner calling. The calling to awake and to open the eyes to a new and glorious vision of life, to makes of your soul a sweet oasis and of this world in the immensity of the cosmos our beautiful and valued Home.

That the sacred universal Light blesses and illuminates each soul in this world so that we all together, in love and oneness, open, heal and nourish the mind and the heart of the humanity.

…That it is on Earth as it is in Heavens…

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© 2009 Sandra Gusella

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